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I Wonder: "Do you wait for sales?"

Happy Friday AMW Readers!  Such a long tiring week but at last, Friday is finally here!  I will be off for another makeup gig over the weekend but that, on the other hand, does not feel like work because I love prettifying people!

Remember my post on how I store my earrings with a "ring" holder from an old jewelry box?  (Smile and Click HERE)  Well, I found something even better for people who have more than hundreds of earrings collection!  I found this at True Value in Rockwell branch.

The Foldable Earring Screen

Clear acrylic screen holds up to 144 pairs of earrings, four panels with hinges easily stands on dresser or vanity top and folds up for flat storage!  The price?  Php900.00 (approx $21.42)!  Not bad...


The thing is, I saw a "red sticker" remnant on the earrings holder, so I asked the guy and he told me it was on 30% off sale last January!  It was an un-EUREKA moment!  The thing is, I am a smart shopper, I can and will wait for another sale because the guy said they will come up with another one but no definite date!

Oh by the way, to make me feel even worse!  I found another nice holder for accessories lovers out there!

Necklace Keeper 

Its priced at Php1,200 (approx Php28.00).  Also on 30% off last month!  I gave a quick peekon the stocks and so far, they still have a number left!  I will wait!  My will power is still there!  30% discount on each product mentioned above isn't bad!  It's actually huge savings!

I Wonder:
"So You Wait for Sales the way I do?"
I may give up ... no I won't! Yes I will..NO!

Keep smilin,
Stay happy!

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